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NG57 S-line May Lilian


NG57 S-line May Lilian gespot bij Weymouth UK

NG40 First Star


Tested by Dag Pike, Time Inc journalist testing the First Star. At age 85 he is working on his 53rd book.. this time on Hull design

NG59 S-line ‘Ocean Camp’


NG59 S-line ‘Ocean Camp’ moored at destination Copenhagen


STEELER Panorama FF48 Offshore in Aluminium

The Panorama FF48 is the fast-sailing version of the FF46. The FF48 is made of aluminium and has a planing underwater hull and an extended swimming platform. Cruising speeds of over 20 knots are combined with extremely efficient fuel consumption.

The Panorama Flat Floor concept is characterised by the spacious nature of the yacht, with an accommodation area of about twice that of conventional motor yachts. Another unique aspect is the panoramic view wherever you are on the yacht, which provides an unparalleled water sport experience.

The unique design, the free layout choice, the superior combination of the aluminium structure, stability, speed and ease of use make the Steeler Panorama FF48 more than a match for the current generation of (polyester) cruisers.

Curious about the options?
You can view the various layouts and finishing materials to your heart's content at the 'under construction / delivered yachts' page. Here you will find a comprehensive photo set of all the Steelers that have been delivered and are under construction.


I've been working in the maritime sector for 28 years now, so I know exactly what our yacht should or shouldn't be. They understood that perfectly in Steenwijk!

~ Peter and Diane, Panorama FF48 Offshore ‘Seven’

I'd been looking out for distinctive, innovative boat designs for many years, and in 2013 I came across a teaser for a Panorama. After that I carried on following the progress of Steeler, and all of a sudden there was a 'real' design of a steel Panorama 46.

I keenly followed the building of this yacht, and spent a full day on board during its presentation at Hiswa in 2014. I considered all the angles and mapped everything out and then gave it my own spin after discussing it with my wife. It's like buying a loft: the basic framework is there, but the possibilities within it are endless. From the beginning of September to the end of October I shifted the interior around and then my wife and I went to Steeler to talk about the options. After a few visits to Vripack we quickly made up our minds and signed the contract. This is our seventh "ship", counting from our first one, a 3.85 m Zodiac... Each one bigger than the last. From that point onwards there was a great deal of intensive and interactive communication between us. We set the bar high for our wishes and requirements, but realistically high. The result speaks for itself: a fast yacht that cuts through the water like a knife, which accelerates like a speed boat and on which even the most demanding guest has everything he could wish for. There is a more than complete galley on board and on deck, a sound system that would make an audiophile green with envy and an interior to take your breath away. The yacht is full of gadgets and is fully equipped with "home" automation and security: very useful, both on the water and when moored, and when no one is on board. The huge amount of space for a relatively small yacht is another real bonus. Not least because the gangways are above the living area rather than around it, you have the full width available, and that's something you notice as soon as you come on board. Steeler's own master carpenters did a fantastic job, and technically there's everything we could hope for too. The engine noise stays well within the set standard and the fuel consumption - at normal speed - is acceptable in every way. The collapsible antenna mast means that it's still possible to reach the Mediterranean by inland waterway. An end-product of this quality in what is a relatively small yacht is only possible if the communication between the shipyard and the client is optimal. And it was. And it still is. All of our questions were answered quickly and properly so that we were able to get on with making decisions about the next building activities.

It will go without saying that we're more than happy about our relationship with Steeler. I can recommend anyone who's considering having a yacht built to contact them.

I've been working in the maritime sector for 28 years now, so I know exactly what our yacht should or shouldn't be. They understood that perfectly in Steenwijk!

Thank you!
The proud owners of the first Panorama FF48 Offshore


Length: 14.82 m.
Length waterline: 14.20 m.
Beam: 4.58 m.
Draft: 1.20 m.
Minimum clearance: 3.24 m.
Weight: 19.000 KG
Engine: 2x Cummins QSB 6,7 - 480 HP
Diesel: 1200 ltr.
Water: 700 ltr.
Blackwater: 500 ltr.
CE classification: B
Construction: aluminium
Lifting roof model 2014/2015 no longer available. Please enquire about the new panoramic roof.

Panorama FF built in Aluminium
semi-displacement and planing with speed up to 33 knots.

Steeler Panorama FlatFloor 48 Offshore


Steeler Panorama FlatFloor 53 Offshore


Panorama FF built in Steel
(semi)displacement with speed up to 11 knots.

Steeler Panorama FlatFloor 46