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For many, enjoying life is synonymous with enjoying the water. Freedom on the water as the final piece of a relaxed lifestyle. We realise that a motor yacht of superior quality is not one of the necessities of life, but should that beautiful piece of the jigsaw be on your wish list, we would build a boat together with you and your enjoyment would start at the very first construction meeting. Your wishes would be reflected in our experience and our continuous drive to build a slightly better and more beautiful boat each time.

The approach of a joint construction process with the client is one of the distinguishing features of the Steelers.
There are a number of principles that are central to each ship. The quality of the materials must be excellent (but we will not go over the top or produce kitsch) and the people who build your ship are craftsmen, dedicated professionals, who are driven by just one ambition - building elegant ships with hidden enjoyment in functional and comfortable innovations that we devise for and together with you. A ship that is your ship through and through.

Welcome to Steeler Yachts!

Hans Webbink
Steeler yachts - Panorama FlatFloor - Artist sketch


Everything we know about laying out smaller vessels to make optimum use of the available space is also applied in the Steelers. Virtually any layout variant can be adapted to your specific requirements. We make full use of the rapid technological developments. The Steelers are at the cutting edge when it comes to weight-saving
and functional materials for finishing and the technical options for navigation, digital optimisation of the underwater hull, controls (including remote control) and engines. We know what the alternatives are, and we make use of them. It’s not just ‘a’ yacht that we’ve placed on the market: it’s THE steel or aluminium yacht for you!
Steeler yachts - NG43 Res Nova - cabin
Steeler yachts - NG43 Res Nova - Unique features
Steeler yachts - NG43 Res Nova - Unique features
Steeler yachts - NG43 Res Nova - Unique features


In 2016 the Steeler Ng43 was awarded with the EPY award. The jury report states that the extremely low fuel consumption was one of the most convincing reasons : 0,7 liter at 7 knots, 3 liters per nautical mile at cruising speed !
Steeler yachts - NG43 Lavinia C - Unique features


Successful DESIGN is found where beauty and functionality meet. Finding the right balance is an art. We believe that at first sight the strength of the Steeler Next Generation lies in her impressive appearance. But on closer acquaintance she stands out for her well-considered functionality. Design down to the last square millimetre. Design that leaves a lasting impression through your daily enjoyment as the owner.
Each Steeler has a custom-made interior. By way of example, one of the yachts was finished in wenge with white washed walnut doors and drawers. A warm but highly modern atmosphere is created with contrasting upholstered panels in grey tints.

For your Steeler, the choice is yours.
Steeler yachts - NG43 Res Nova - Unique features
Steeler yachts - NG43 Res Nova - Unique features
Steeler yachts - NG50 Albero - Unique features
Steeler yachts - NG50 Albero - Unique features