Steeler blog: Live from our Shipyard X

Our “First Star” finally touched base in homeport Seattle.


After a journey crossing the Atlantic, through the Panama Canal and cruising the pacific on a RO-RO transport vessel, “First Star” arrived on time.

The boat will undergo beautiful journeys in Puget Sound and other surrounding waters, more pictures will follow soon!

Ocean Camp rocking the waves


in Dover Strait and experiencing thrilling ‘Meets & Greets’with dolphins and whales!

Launch 43 S-design with twin Yanmar 110 PS ...


almost ready for efficient, stable and ‘sprayless’ cruising on the MED !

Launch 52 S “Blue Print”


35 knots with twin Cummins QSB 6.7 ltr with Zeus pods .. spectacular performance and so easy to manoeuvre. Further photo’s soon !

65 S “Li-Janne” leaving IJmuiden..


60 tonnes steel @ 14 knots with just twin 410’s ... S-design hull .. QED !

Courtesy visit to May Lillian, moored in Darthaven


together with Michael Miller from Imperial Motoryachts. Great athmosphere, great place to visit. Big thanks to Ian for his hospitality and being the local Steeler ambassador!

Steeler NG59 S ‘Ocean Camp’


Crossing Gulf of Biscay on her way to the Cannes Yachting Festival, 11-16 September 2018.
Bon Voyage !

Steeler Yachts “First Star” en route towards Seattle, Washington.

The first Steeler NG40 should arrive in the United States approximately around the 31st of July. We are very happy with this first delivery to the United States and hopefully the owners will make beautiful trips with her in the waters surrounding Seattle!

NG57 S-line May Lilian


NG57 S-line May Lilian gespot bij Weymouth UK

NG40 First Star


Tested by Dag Pike, Time Inc journalist testing the First Star. At age 85 he is working on his 53rd book.. this time on Hull design

NG59 S-line ‘Ocean Camp’


NG59 S-line ‘Ocean Camp’ moored at destination Copenhagen
“Truly innovative motoryachts that do not stop to surprise by offering a unique boating experience, tailor made at the highest Dutch standards.

All S-designs can be build in Steel or Alumnium: If you aim to cruise at max 13 knots, probably an indestructable steel construction will be your choice. But if you wish to plane at maximum comfort and stability, aluminium is the material of choice.

I hope one thing comes to mind when looking at our yachts and tenders. From now on you want to sail every mile... in style.”

Hans Webbink, CEO Steeler Yachts
“A personal relationship,
for better yachts and a great experience

Because we limit our production to 15-20 yachts per year. We have unlimited attention for our clients

During the building process and in the cruising years after.

The Shakespearian question is... To anonymously buy a boat or to build your boat with an inspiring team ?

Welcome to Steeler Yachts !
The ‘Steeler Quality Challenge’ gives our clients facts and specifications.
A clear and transparent quality statement.
At a level that we know to be the highest achievable standard.

And if ‘even better’ becomes possible... Steeler will be the first shipyard to adopt technological progress.

Because on our way to become a leading brand we know there is only one way: the highway of unmatched quality
An obsession to surprise. Ambition to prove we can.

Dutch craftsmanship to turn challenging ideas into reality.

After four consecutive EPY nominations, evidence wins from modesty.

Steeler Yachts is
THE leader in change by innovation.
Perfect design is found where beauty and functionality meet.

A constant search for a better yacht offering an even better boating experience.

Because we design without ‘cost’ as a boundary condition, we can think free and limitless in possibilities.

Our track record on innovative design speaks for itself.

Just look and feel
With your eyes and mind wide open.
Custom made is our standard.

Each yacht is tailor made to fit your size... the size of your imagination.

Customisation is standard to ensure each yacht has the signature of her owners. Or even one step beyond, we realise your dream by designing an entire new model.

In a world of “yachts for sale”, we are the exception.

You inspire and we listen.
And build YOUR boat.
We wonder ..
How many shipyards have their brochures written by their customers?

Not a few customers, but virtually all of them... At Steeler Yachts we are very proud to have such a customer base.

Customers that helped us build Steeler Yachts to where we are today. Owners that enjoy their yacht and the experience they had with our team.

They are our unbiased ambassadors for future owners and often they themselves are future owners of their second or third Steeler.

You might wonder ... How ?

The answer is straightforward. We will not rest before all our customers are 100% satisfied.
And we don’t just go the extra mile... We go all the way.

The unique Steeler Digital Monitoring System
A digital 24/7 helpline:

Cruise in confidence: support is never far away!

Support is actually so close, that we are travelling with you... virtually that is: Your Steeler is connected with our shipyard through the Steeler Digital Monitoring System (DMS).

Steeler DMS is an ‘Empirbus’ based system that in combination with digital switching and inhouse tailor-made software for each yacht, allowing our engineers access to the same information and controls the owner has.

So we can help, no matter where you are.
Ok ... Think of a motoryacht Now, eliminate the usual noise and vibration

Expect ultimate stability under the roughest conditions Start wondering where to invest your savings on fuel costs

Just imagine she is custom made to your wishes Start embracing the ultimate luxury and quality of Dutch craftsmanship

... Now add the sweet flavour of superior design

We can read your mind ...
You are thinking of the Steeler